So you have a 3D printer, printed out a few things, and maybe even created a few of your own models. I’m guessing that you’ve already found a few places on the web to download 3D models, but have you heard about

It’s run by the people at Prusa, and it’s a great place to find things to print. “So what?” you might say, “There are many places to do that”. That’s true, but has got a few features I really like.

One of them is their point system. When you register and participate, you start earning points. Fill out your profile? Earn some points. Download some models? Earn some points. Upload your own model? Earn more points. Print something cool? Upload a picture and earn points. So what can you do with these points?

You can earn t-shirts, mugs, filament, and even 3D printers! Now, granted, in order to do that, you’ll probably have to learn some 3D modeling and upload some of the models you create in order to earn enough points, but getting a new 3D printer is pretty big incentive. holds contests too, where you can earn points (and sometimes even a printer), just by creating the best model for that contest. They hold contests all the time. Even if you don’t intend to enter a contest, some of the models people upload are worth printing.

And if you like the models that some users upload, you can sponsor them through Printables Clubs.

Printables is a well-organized site, and it’s easy to browse through all the models people have uploaded. You can even see interactive 3D representations of the models before you download them.

There are many other features on, so do yourself a favor and check them out!

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