I’ve been thinking about that Apple might be up to with the North Carolina data center they’ve been working on, and the announcement that Apple is making tomorrow. I think it’s pretty likely that they’re finally going to take the technology they bought from LaLa.com, and create a streaming music service.

What would this mean? No more having to download all your music to your devices. Have a huge iTunes library that won’t all fit on that nice iPod Touch, iPhone, or AppleTV? No problem. They know what music you bought, and can stream it to you. Want streaming only versions of those songs? Apple can use LaLa’s tech to do that too, for a price. It’d sure be something big enough to require a massive new data center.

If AT&T got wind of this early on, this might be the reason they decided to drop the “all you can eat” 3G plan earlier this year. That’s just speculation, of course…. as is the rest of this.

Update: Well, it wasn’t streaming. It was The Beatles… And Amazon is selling the The Beatles Stereo Box Set for $20 cheaper than iTunes, as of this writing.