Sprint will start selling the Palm Pre on June 6th, for $199.

Palm is taking a real gamble by not having the ability to run older Palm apps on this new device, and an even bigger gamble by waiting until just two days before Apple’s developer’s conference to start selling this.

I think it’s clear Apple is going to continue to dominate the market with the iPhone, and if they announce a new, lower cost version, the Palm Pre could end up being the big loser.

The Palm Pre will have a wireless charger called “The Touchstone”. Little round gizmo that you just place the Pre on to charge it up. Very cool.

Palm announced today that they’ve developed the “Palm pre”, a new device with 802.11 b/g, GPS, touch screen, stereo, bluetooth, 8GB of storage, 3 megapixel camera, 3.1 inch multi-touch screen, usb, and a slide-out keyboard.

I’ll get a picture up when I get one.

update: Sprint will be the exclusive partner at launch.

update: A picture of the device:

There appears to be no way to run existing Palm applications on this device. If that’s incorrect, point me at the info that states this, and I’ll post it here.