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I remember seeing Dr. Dobb’s when it was one of the few computer magazines (along with Kilobaud Microcomputing, Pet Gazette, and Nybble) available. The last issue I got reminded me it was a shade of it’s former self, and I guess someone agrees, because it will no longer be a standalone magazine.

Originally called “Dr. Dobb’s Journal of Tiny Basic Calisthenics and Orthodontia – Running Light without Overbyte“, I first saw it on the shelf at the local library, probably about 1978 or 1979. A lot of what they were talking about was WAY over my head, but I read through it anyway, since it was one of the few computer publications available.

I always enjoyed reading the magazine, but as I said, in the last year or two it was a shade of it’s former self. I’m not sure what will happen to “Swaine’s Flames” or that very long running C/C++ ad they ALWAYS ran since this is all being folded into InformationWeek (which spams me constantly to subscribe, btw)…

Sad to see it go.

This new CFL bulb will be rolling out into stores on Dec 28, 2008. Looks like a regular bulb, but with CFL guts.

Seth Godin posts about an iPhone idea to create an app to transmit traffic information between users. This is exactly like Dash Express, which is a GPS that does all this for you.

Unfortunately for Dash, they are killing their GPS devices. Does that mean it was a bad idea? Not at all. It’s a GREAT idea.

Now, would this make a great iPhone app? Probably, but the problem with it is that if you’re giving routing information, you need to know where you’re going in the first place? Why not let the iPhone’s built-in map do it? Well, that’s against the iPhone rules.

Someone’s going to figure out how to do this properly, either through an agreement with Apple, after Apple loosens the rules up, or through a Dash-like device that does this in a way the company can keep going. (Maybe Garmin will buy Dash out?)

Ran across this. Would be a great place to visit. Probably run out of film for everything you’d want to photograph.


Why “Future Steve”?

I write down a lot of notes about technology things I should go check out later. When you think about it, writing notes to yourself (which is pretty much what blogging is, at least for the majority of blogs) is really writing to a future version of you.

In my case, I’m writing them to Future Steve.