I remember seeing Dr. Dobb’s when it was one of the few computer magazines (along with Kilobaud Microcomputing, Pet Gazette, and Nybble) available. The last issue I got reminded me it was a shade of it’s former self, and I guess someone agrees, because it will no longer be a standalone magazine.

Originally called “Dr. Dobb’s Journal of Tiny Basic Calisthenics and Orthodontia – Running Light without Overbyte“, I first saw it on the shelf at the local library, probably about 1978 or 1979. A lot of what they were talking about was WAY over my head, but I read through it anyway, since it was one of the few computer publications available.

I always enjoyed reading the magazine, but as I said, in the last year or two it was a shade of it’s former self. I’m not sure what will happen to “Swaine’s Flames” or that very long running C/C++ ad they ALWAYS ran since this is all being folded into InformationWeek (which spams me constantly to subscribe, btw)…

Sad to see it go.