Techcrunch is reporting that Flixster bought an iPhone application called last week, and re-released it last night. It’s basically an app that shows movie times, has maps to local theaters, and lets you watch movie trailers.

I’m a little surprised that Flixster went out and bought the App, when it could have been developed internally. Maybe they learned a thing or two from the Hasbro vs Scrabbulous fight – if you see a great program, buy it. Now Flixster has a popular app under it’s umbrella. Hasbro has a replacement app for Scrabbulous, but I hear it’s not as popular.

Update Techcrunch says that Scrabbulous has been taken down world-wide now

Indie game developers always hope that the game they’re working will be the “next big thing”, and ‘Braid’ designer Johnathan Blow seems to have done just that.

It’s a platform game in which you manipulate time in various ways, going back and forth to correct mistakes and manipulate your environment to solve puzzles.

Braid is out now through XBox Live Arcade and will be out for the PC in the future.

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Why “Future Steve”?

I write down a lot of notes about technology things I should go check out later. When you think about it, writing notes to yourself (which is pretty much what blogging is, at least for the majority of blogs) is really writing to a future version of you.

In my case, I’m writing them to Future Steve.