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Sep 04

Software Engineer Designs Breakthru Medical Device

Robert Goldman created a device that can target tumors in cancer patients. It just got FDA approval.

Apr 29

IAC Buys UrbanSpoon Based On Good Recommendations

IAC Buys UrbanSpoon Based On Good Recommendations .

Apr 24

Article On Getting Personal Projects Done

I think this article on getting your own projects finished, and why it can be tough

Mar 31

Google To Announce Venture Fund

Google is going to announce a new venture capital fund. (Via NYTimes).

Nov 16

Pricing iPhone Apps

Over on Safe From the Losing Fight, Andy Finnell posted about the wrong way to price iPhone apps, and I have to say that I agree. If you look at the pricing for other phone apps on other mobile platforms, prices are much higher, enabling developers to at least stand a fighting chance to make …

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Sep 13

Do Something About Good Ideas Or Someone Else Will

Here’s an article entitled Good Ideas Have Lonely Childhoods. Go read it.

Sep 08

How NOT to Demo at TechCrunch50

You know, if a company is going to demo at TechCrunch50, it’s probably not the smartest thing in the world to alienate half your potential user base by talking about politics.   But that’s exactly what DotSpots did for the first five minutes of the demo that did during their TechCruch50 demo. And the company motto? …

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Sep 08

TechCrunch50 is Living Streaming Now

Here’s a URL to the live stream of TechCrunch50 TechCrunch50 Live Stream