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Sep 04

Dyson Robot Vacuum

There hasn’t been a lot of changes in robot vacuums over the last ten years, until now. Dyson’s new vacuum sports a 360 degree camera which it uses to determine reference points for where it is in the room. It has the suction tech Dyson vacuums are known for. It can also be controlled with …

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Mar 01

iPhone Case

I upgraded to an iPhone 5s a couple of months after the new phones were released. After going a couple of weeks without one, I thought it’d be a good idea to get a new case before I dropped the phone on the floor and cracked it. There are so many iphone cases on the …

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Aug 23

Building Apps For the App Store

The article “How to Become an App Store Millionaire: Make a Hit App, and Don’t Make Anything Else” – like Steve Martin’s advice of how to become a millionaire and not pay taxes “First, get a million dollars”. Both are easier said than done. Link – via All Things D.

Aug 26

Netflix Movies on Your iPhone


Today Netflix updated their iPhone app, and now you can watch movies directly over 3G on your iPhone! Check out the app at the iTunes store.

Apr 29

Steve Jobs Talks about Flash


If you’d like to read why Apple is not supporting Flash on iPhone, iPod and iPad, you should read Steve Jobs himself has to say about it. He’s posted a note on Apple’s website, “Thoughts on Flash”.

Feb 15

Damaged iFrog iPhone Case


That chip in the case of my iFrog case I bought at the AT&T store appeared not to long after getting the case. The same thing happened to my wife’s case. I’m very disappointed in the quality. I brought a Casecrown case, same color, and so far I’ve been happy with it. I won’t be …

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Aug 10

Japanese TV Tuner for iPhone


Engadget has a brief posting about a very cool device: a TV tuner that you can hook up to the iPhone. Only problem is, it’s only available in Japan. But it’s still very cool.

Jun 24

Funny iPhone 3GS Unboxing

Jun 02

New iPhone Podcast

Scott Johnson of The Instance and Extra Life Radio, has a new podcast. Check out The AppSlappy Podcast.

May 19

Palm Pre Launching June 6 For $199

Sprint will start selling the Palm Pre on June 6th, for $199. Palm is taking a real gamble by not having the ability to run older Palm apps on this new device, and an even bigger gamble by waiting until just two days before Apple’s developer’s conference to start selling this. I think it’s clear …

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