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May 27

Google Built Self Driving Cars

Mar 28

James Gosling Now At Google

Looks like James Gosling started at Google today. Congrats!

May 14

Man Gets Job Using Google Ads

A guy used Google Ads to get a job. He bought ads for people who were hiring in his field, so if they searched for their names, his message would come up. Via Neatorama

Feb 09

First Reaction to Google Buzz

My first reaction to Google Buzz: Ok, so it integrates with Gmail. Did it ever occur to anyone at Google that it might just expose a lot of e-mail addresses to spammers? And that not everyone you follow on places like Twitter (or that want to follow you) on Twitter are people that you want …

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Dec 07

Google Goggles – Visual Search

Have an Android phone? Check out Google Goggles. Take a picture of something, and it’ll search it for you. I have to wonder – are the images being uploaded to the server? If so, are they geotagged, to improved Google’s database?

Nov 11

Google Go


Google introduced a new programming language: Go It’s a merging of Python and C++. Read more about it at

Aug 03

Eric Schmidt Resigns from Apple Board

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, has resigned his position on the Apple Board of directors.

Jun 17

People answer “What’s a Browser”?

May 29

Google Wave Demo Video

May 28

About Google Wave

Just announced: Google Wave.

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