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  1. Dyson Robot Vacuum — September 4, 2014
  2. Samsung will no longer sell plasma TVs — July 3, 2014
  3. Google Built Self Driving Cars — May 27, 2014
  4. How Starbucks Uses Design Tricks In Their Stores — May 14, 2014
  5. Nest pulls Nest Protect smoke detector for sale — April 3, 2014

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Sep 04

Dyson Robot Vacuum

There hasn’t been a lot of changes in robot vacuums over the last ten years, until now. Dyson’s new vacuum sports a 360 degree camera which it uses to determine reference points for where it is in the room. It has the suction tech Dyson vacuums are known for. It can also be controlled with …

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Jul 03

Samsung will no longer sell plasma TVs

Samsung will stop selling plasma TV as have November 30: Samsung is to stop producing plasma televisions (PDP TVs) by 30 November. It said falling demand meant it would instead focus on producing curved and ultra-high-definition (UHD) TVs. CNET News via BBC News

May 27

Google Built Self Driving Cars

May 14

How Starbucks Uses Design Tricks In Their Stores

Apr 03

Nest pulls Nest Protect smoke detector for sale

Nest has pulled the Nest Protect from sale because of an issue where the detector could unintentionally be turned off, delaying the alarm in case of a real fire. Once the issue has been fixed, they’ll put it back for sale. If you have one of these, Nest suggested you immediately disable this feature. When …

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Mar 25

The Facebook Acquisition of Oculus Rift And Thinking Long Term

People’s first response has been “Why would Facebook buy Oculus Rift”? They see the current incarnation of Facebook and think, “What can you possibly do with VR on Facebook? Facebook is just a text interface! Are they just going to make VR Facebook games?” That’s really short term thinking. In order to make really ground …

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Mar 17

Professor Andrei Linde Receives The News About Cosmic Inflation

Mar 04

Keurig’s DRM Coffee Machines

Ah, Keurig Coffee Machines, those coffee makers that take a little cup, drop it in, and out comes a nice cup of coffee in whatever flavor you like. People buy those coffee makers, and find inexpensive sources for those little cups you drop in, since the Keurig brand isn’t at the price they want to …

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Mar 04

Roku Streaming Stick Drops to $50

Roku 3500R Streaming Stick Drops to $50.

Mar 04

Radio Shack Closing 1,100 Stores

Radio Shack is Closing 1,100 stores across the US

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